I’ve come to the conclusion that the two most important things in life are good friends and a good bullpen.Bob Lemon

Welcome! I am Nathan Corzine: historian, teacher, sports fan, parent, and  mostly average, everyday, guy — no Green Lantern ring, no TARDIS, and no remarkable mutant abilities.

I was born in the university town of Carbondale, Illinois, a cultural hub in the middle of Big Muddy country in the south of the state. It was my lot, however, to live the childhood of a U-Haul brat. My parents not only rented moving trucks and trailers to customers, but felt compelled to make use of them rather frequently as well. A decade in history-rich Virginia and several years in middle Tennessee, along with a family that cherished reading and learning, is almost certainly what inspired me to become a historian. This was also a pragmatic choice of career since it was abundantly clear that I was never going to make it as the next Reggie Jackson or Mike Schmidt — although their names did grace my two longest serving childhood gloves (and heaven knows I did strike out often enough) — All-Pro QB for the Green Bay Packers, or best-selling fantasy author.

I graduated from Southern Illinois University in 2002 (the desire to finally finish my undergraduate career necessitating incomplete minors in journalism and political science ) and set off for graduate school almost immediately. In 2004 I completed my MA at the University of Missouri where I wrote a thesis on beer, baseball, and the media. Who says history is not fun?  In 2010 I graduated from Purdue University (Boiler Up!) where I studied Twentieth Century U.S. History. I am currently a History Instructor at Coastal Carolina Community College in Eastern North Carolina.

My first book, Team Chemistry: The History of Drugs and Alcohol in Major League Baseball, was published in early 2016. I have also published an article (on gender and beer advertising) in the Journal of Social History and have authored a number of short essays for encyclopedias of African American Biography, Sports in America, and Movies in American History. I have a few other projects in early stages: a comparative study of the St. Louis and Atlanta Hawks within the context of race and politics, and a narrative of the 1981 baseball season within the context of the Reagan Revolution.

As a scholar, I love searching for meaning in the intersection of politics and popular culture. I enjoy nothing more, however, than taking my passion for history  into the classroom.  For me history is an ongoing story, our story, and my goal is to show students that the story matters and to help them make sense of how we fit into it.  Like my students, I like to think of myself as a “work in progress” — there is always something to learn about history, about myself, about them, and about the craft of teaching.

When it comes to really important matters (read: “sports”) I’m an avid baseball and soccer fan, a St. Louis Cardinals loyalist from birth and one of the legion of F.C. Barcelona supporters around the world. Almost always a sucker for a lost cause, good upbringing saved me from becoming a Chicago Cubs fan. It did not, alas, stop me from giving my heart to Newcastle United F.C. and collecting a closet full of tear-stained black & white shirts. “Howay the lads!” just the same.

In my spare time I enjoy movies, music, classic animation, old comic strips, golf, hot coffee, cold beer, peaty scotch, Buffalo wings, humorous essays, getting caught in the rain, and (apologies to Rupert Holmes) piña coladas.

I live in North Carolina with my wife, daughters, a dog named Boston and a gluttonous feline known, paradoxically, as Pixie.


My CV (Academic Resume)